Lance Dutson lies in a nutshell

April 17, 2007

Here’s the MP3 of that tourism meeting in Augusta.Dutson stayed for about 5 minutes, then panicked and ran.

Click here: ppc1d1.mp3

(it’s slow to load)

This is the first 13 minutes of that meeting about pay-per-click. An outline of the itinerary was mailed to both Lance Dutson and his lawyer, but when they got there, they became intimidated, and started to rant that they would rather talk about the fictional attacks made on Dutson and his family. After a few minutes creating this smokescreen, they stormed out in mock ignominy.

After the lawyer’s outburst, there is a short, stunned silence. (People are amazed. Everyone in Augusta had been completely above board about everything, while Dutson had done nothing but lie.)

Then you can faintly hear a nervous tittering. Then the commentator tries to get back on track as the door slams, and Dutson and lawyer run like rabbits.)

A reporter (Tux Terkel?) followed Dutson to the parking lot, begging him to come back. No dice.

Every single piece of investigative “Journalism” for which Dutson became famous, was nothing but LIES

Not too long ago, a Maine blogger and web developer named Lance Dutson was quite accidentally thrust into the spotlight following an ill-advised lawsuit against him by Maine’s ad agency, WKP. Dutson had made a completely erroneous charge about the Maine Office of Tourism’s use of Google Adwords (PDF – slow to load:)


and he repeatedly attacked them with flaming rhetoric, accusing the MOT of many serious though non-existent crimes.

Both the director of this office and Maine’s public relations agency tried very hard to get Lance Dutson to the table to discuss these charges. But Dutson, who had been allowed to rant unchecked for 5 months by his wife, Camden National Bank’s main branch manager Janet Dutson, refused to answer the pleas.

Way back then, (3 years and 3 or 4  jobs ago) she was acting director and media liaison of the Chamber of Commerce whose website her husband had hijacked to post the above bogus press release. It was her job to monitor this feature for inappropriate content.

But she didn’t.

And even though there were no fewer than 6 attempts to contact her (this slow pdf letter was one of six similar letters from just this one agency) and get either her or her husband to the table, she brazenly ignored all rational pleas for sanity, and allowed her husband Lance to rave on.

So Lance Dutson kept loudly and falsely accusing the MOT on his blog -falsely citing multiple threats and deliberate snubs against him by these people – when actually, the exact opposite was true.

But when Dutson finally did agree to a face-to-face meeting with the MOT, he stayed for 5 minutes, then panicked and ran out the door.


Here is the real truth about Google Adwords (link), as was presented at that meeting.


When Lance Dutson was publicly exposed as a fool and/or liar by the MOT, Dutson apparently lost his cool, and became so irate that he started a vicious, lying smear campaign against the Lewis’

Dutson publicly blamed the MOT for the lawsuit, about which Dutson had already publicly complained: that it was over too soon, and that he had hoped to get more mileage, and ergo more notoriety, out of it.

On March 21, 2006, the MOT met with Mike Lawrence, Executive Vice President of (link) Cone, Inc (617)227-2111, who advised that the group of people being slandered by Maine Web Report should do nothing other than ignore the blog, or if palatable, engage the blogger in some sort of dialogue. xxxx got on the phone to WKP, and expended a good amount of energy trying to convince Warren Kremer Paino Advertising to back off of any type of legal intervention.)

Dutson started making up countless vicious accusations against the MOT director and his wife and repeating them ad nauseum. His blood-thirsty groupies swallowed every lie, never once asking for any proof or corroboration.

Sometimes the “evidence” he presented even contradicted the charges in his headlines. But nobody ever even bothered to read that far.

He obtained emails – some of them embarassingly private, and publicly posted these emails, editing out parts that would disprove his accusations. When people tried to point out the truth in comments on his blog, Dutson merely deleted the comments.

The MOT’s director had been gagged by his superiors in Augusta (Maine’s capital), and hearing nothing to the contrary, people believed Dutson.

Eventually, even mainstream Maine media picked up the nonsense … and still, deafening silence from Augusta.

A few opportunistic Maine politicians saw all of this as a chance to feather their own nests, and sadly, dignified the lying Lance Dutson, granting him interviews speckled with self-serving misinformation, and stroking Dutson’s huge internet ego.

Maine’s tourism director was unceremoniously removed from his position, with less than a week’s notice and no severance pay.

Both Dutson and the mainstream media gratuitously sneered that he had been “fired” for allegations of “corruption”. The blogosphere erupted into cheers that the little guy had won.

Lance Dutson crowed from the rooftops.


Lance Dutson continued his attack, even after the director was replaced.

But the truth about Lance Dutson is finally spreading rapidly, with the help of the same blogosphere which had so unjustifiably elevated him to celebrity status in the first place.


UPDATE one year later:

BTW, Jeff–

Here’s the (bad quality) recording of that meeting, up until Dutson stormed out. (VERY slow to load – 3 or 4 minutes- in IE, less in FF– but it will play)

There were several [sane, intelligent] professionals there who related just what happened. As he sat there, his neck got very red, then he spoke to his lawyer (provided by megalomanical right wing blogosphere impressario, Robert Cox)

They started to rant about “Who would decide what was relevant” and he beat that horse for awhile. He decided to make a case about Dutson’s phony charges of harrassment against him and his family. (All of those charges were lies, other than the one phone call made to him by Sherry Lewis.)

This lawyer is making no sense at all…very obviously engaging in obfuscation, with these rants. Setting the stage for a less humiliating strategic withdrawal.

Then he and his lawyer stormed out. Folks were totally amazed and bemused. A reproter chased dutson out otheparkinglot, beggin him to return, but he refused. (He then went home and wrote 8 pages of rather unstable angry rants to the MOT.)

Once he got to the meeting, he realized that he was among intelligent professionals, and that intimidated him. The lawyer rants about the [non] intimidation were just a smoke screen. They knew the meeting was about pay per click.

I admit that the tape “Proves”what happened much better to people who were there and actually witessed it. It starts with those present introducing themselves.

ppc1d.mp3 (Same MP3 as above)

[UPDATE 3/08: We can assume that this truth is why he has finally removed every single post about these things. These were his only claims to fame – his stairway to Washington politics, the only thing that bought him the seat on the Libby Trial, and the job as Collins’ webmaster.

Now they’re gone.

Finally, there are now more than just vacuous webrats reading up on it.

If anyone would like to see these posts, email me.

I will send them.]


21 Responses to “Lance Dutson lies in a nutshell”

  1. Jeff Says:

    There has been much importance put into the fact that Lance Dutson left a meeting prematurely with the MOT. The meeting was set up to discuss the PPC issue that had become a hot and contentious issue between the parties in which there were pending lawsuits. This website version of the meeting is described as follows,

    “…But when Dutson finally did agree to a face-to-face meeting with the MOT, he stayed for 5 minutes, then panicked and ran out the door”.

    In the course of doing some searching I came upon some information that may give another version of the events. Specifically, I found an email sent to L.Scott Harrell from a business person describing the whole affair. I discovered this letter on his website at

    From: [redacted]
    Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 2:09 PM
    To: L. Scott Harrell
    Subject: Lance Dutson vs. The Big Guys

    Thank you for your thorough coverage of this issue. While I appreciate your efforts to support Lance, not visiting Maine doesn’t punish Dann Lewis or “The Big Guys” – it punishes me, a small business owner who depends on tourism to support my business and pay my employees. Your decision to “abandon Maine” adds further insult to the injury MOT and Warren Kremer Paino have already done by their misdirected advertising strategy. Please reconsider your vacation plans – don’t throw this baby out with the bath water!
    While I might have your ear, I want to clarify a point being made over and over by Dann Lewis and WKP. Both seem to indicate that Lance was “uncooperative” and “unwillingly to participate in discussion” because he (and his lawyer) left the meeting which was supposed to be an open discussion run by the State. Since I attended that meeting, I feel like I can comment to the “tone” and “feel” of the event. Lance came into a room, was directed to sit at a table facing Tom McCartin with a tape recorder in between them (Mr. McCartin had, incidentally, already served Lance with his “intent to sue” motion, hence Lance’s lawyer’s attendance.) Introductions were made. Everyone facing Lance was from Warren Kremer Piano or a State sub-contractor. Sitting immediately behind Lance was Nancy Marshall and her lawyer (remember her-she sent or called Lance’s clients and his wife’s employer with her now-infamous “Do you know what Lance Dutson is doing” commentary) and the reminder of the room was filled with invited guests of the MOT. When Lance’s lawyer asked the mediator and the state representatives who would be determining what was discussed and what was not going to be discussed, these folks all looked to Tom McCartin! Lance’s lawyer felt like the room was a “set-up” for Lance and determined his client shouldn’t participate. If I were in Lance’s position, sitting facing someone who is threatening to sue me and behind me is some one who had actively tried to impact my business and my wife’s employment and then they put a tape recorder directly in front of me – I would feel like I was in a deposition, not a friendly meeting to discuss the issues! Yet, Tom McCartin says he decided to move forward with this lawsuit because Lance’s unwillingness to participate in this meeting indicated to him that Lance wasn’t interested in hearing any answer to his questions. Tom McCartin and Dann Lewis’ statements feel at bit disingenuous to me.
    Again, thank you for speaking out on this issue.

    Additionally, there is Lance’s Attorney, Jon Stanley, indicating it was his decision to leave the meeting.

    “I made a decision to not participate in a meeting in which an improvised and shifting agenda was going to be invented by, among others, the same man that was threatening legal action against Lance. I stand by that decision. To do otherwise would have been to participate in a Kabuki Dance.”

    His letter can be found on http://www.mainewebreportcom.

    I don’t know about you, but if I am paying an attorney for legal advice, I think I would take it.

    So there you have it, two different versions of the same meeting.


  2. trollfighter Says:

    Sorry… I accidentally forgot to disable comment moderation on this blog.

    For the record, go Google the blog to whom that letter was addressed, and visit it, if you dare. One small peak will be enough to bring the discussion back to a sane adult level.

    know it seems incredible that so much silly childish lunacy could make such a flap, but some teapots just love storms. Intelligent adults would have ignored this troll. Instead, they made him a folk hero.

    I agree that we have probably put too much emphasis on the fact that Dutson bolted and ran from that meeting. Because that was just one tiny instance – of many – in which he refused to talk fact to face.

    The real fact is that, before the meeting started, people were milling about, lost. So finally someone said -= OK – everyone just sit down – anywhere. That’s why the seating was the way it was. Accidental.

    And – incidentally, at that meeting Stanley got up out of the blue and started yelling vehemently about Dutson’s inablility to get justice …

    People were floored. This was entirely un-solicited and folks just sat with their mouths open.

    Dutson and Jon Stanley both tried to paint a picture of intimidation and one-sidedness around that meeting. But the truth is that there was no TIME for any intimidation or one-sidedness. The fireworks started before anything was begun.

    When Stanley and Dutson left the room raving, people tried to stop them. There were people at that meeting from as far away as Toronto. They were ticked. Tux Turkel from PPH followed Dutson out, and pleaded with him to come back. No luck.

    When it was finally clear that he was actually gone, people started to giggle, and then to laugh out loud.
    Oh – and even Steven Bowen – the state rep who was there and originally befriended Dutson – verbally admitted that “That young man” was seriously confused and misinformed.

    At the end of the meeting, everyone finally realized how wrong Dutson really was.

    As far as WKP is concerned, well, we’ve already pointed out how hard Dann and his colleagues tried to get them NOT to file suit. The lawsuit was an act of utter insanity – nobody disputes that.

    And not to slam Jon Stanley, but you’ve got to keep in mind that he was appointed by Robert Cox, who, in my opinion, has the intellectual maturity of a Ginny Doll. And at that meeting, Stanley reportedly acted even crazier than Cox routinely does.

    As far as the person who wrote that letter to the Harrelson site – the one you have used as proof of my inaccuracy – it was all based on completely inaccurate information, so why on earth would I or anyone who cares about the truth dignify it?
    The truth was exposed at the meeting.

    In fact, the attendance list of that meeting has been gone over several times, and the tapes of the meeting have been reviewed. (I will post them if necessary)

    And the reliable consensus is that the letter must have been written by Dutson himself, since everyone else who was at the meeting now admits that Dutson is a troll, and nothing but a troll.

    As far as Nancy Marshall’s so-called “threats” to Dutson and his family – well – I have already posted one in its entirety, and I have several others. You have not read that either, I surmise.
    I will post the others soon, so that people who can read and process will see exactly what WAS going on here, and that Dutson fabricated this huge intrigue off the top of his head.
    Those letters were only meant to get him to stop the ranting lies about them on his blog, and to start talking to them in person.

    Dutson did not want to talk in person. He wanted to sit at his computer and throw stones. He wanted to rant.

    Now, given the fact that there’s really nobody else left that believes Dutson’s lies, the consensus is also that this “Jeff” person is also Dutson himself.

    (Or else, just some obsessive lost soul who needs to get a life.)

  3. Jeff Says:

    Well….”There you go again”. Now I am Dutson and still need to “get a life” with a “lost soul”. Are you always this rude when someone sees a different perspective other than yours?

    Anyway, Since I am basing my opinion on second hand information I will take you up on your offer to post the tapes of the meeting. Please post at you earliest convenience.


  4. trollfighter Says:

    Sherry fears she threw out the tapes, although there are other copies which we might be able to get. I do have the transcript of the meeting, and can post that much easier.

    There are 3 hours of tapes and that would be impossible to upload and post. And I am now semi-homeless – staying at a friend’s place. I’m posting this on my old laptop on borrowed broadband.

    Even if I had a scanner with which to scan the documents or the hardware and software to rip the tapes and convert them, I don’t have the accessibility or the money to pay WordPress for all that.

    I will ask someone else if they can upload the transcript for me- although it’s now 200 miles away from here.

    Thanks to your buddy Dutson, both the Lewis’s and I have been put in some very dire financial straits. We don’t have the wherewithal to do the things Dutson does.

    We don’t have a sugar mamma to keep us up and running in style, as Dutson does. Main branch bank managers make a lot of money.

    Meantime, you can see the truth here,

    …as Ive told you many times. Don’t take my word for it- ask any Adwords expert.

    And to be quite honest, it IS an absolute truth that only an idiot would dignify Dutson – NOT an opinion.

    Sorry I said you should get a life. If this is what you enjoy – then go for it.

    Sorry – but I’m not making an ass out of myself by responding any more.

  5. trollfighter Says:

    (Since you have obviously made this your life’s quest, I would recommend you ask Tux Terkel about it.)

  6. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for the offer on the transcripts, but I would prefer the tapes. The first 15 minutes, including the 5 minutes that Dutson was there, should be sufficient.
    This should make this process a lot easier for you.
    You have authored a different version than the letter, so the tape should back you up.

    I look forward to reveiwing the tape.

    PS. Although Sherry may have thrown out the tapes, I’m sure the two lawyers and the state have copies. Or your the tapes a bluff?


  7. trollfighter Says:

    Aha. I see. You only want to hear the part where everyone giggled and laughed at Lance Dutson.

    Of course, any small town politico would be very interested in hearing that.

    Of course the tape’s aren’t a bluff. These things are always taped. (Especially after all of the trouble and expense that so many people went through to arrange the meeting.) If you were actually in local politics, you would know that.

    Well…maybe Sherry can find her copies. You can be prety sure that neither Nancy Marshall or WKP will give up their copies. All they want to do is put this whole fiasco behind them.

    So I can try an FOIA request to get them…but then I need a cable, and some editing software, which I don’t have.
    I’m homeless at the moment. I can’t even get online from my desktop.

    I could nevermake up anything like that.There really ARE a few sane people in Augusta.
    (…at least there WERE. Who knows about now.?) p>

  8. trollfighter Says:

    Meanwhile, I’m sure Tux Turkel would be happy to cooperate with a Maine politician.

    His email address is here:

    Of course, he missed the early stages of the meeting -when he was in the parking lot, begging Dutson to come back.

  9. Jeff Says:

    Ok…Let me clarify.

    According to your previous post you said, “….and the tapes of the meeting have been reviewed. (I will post them if necessary)”.

    Since that time I have counted a least a half dozen excuses of why you can’t or won’t do it. To me this is a blantant lie. You had no intentions of posting those tapes in the first place, you don’t have the technology or the money. Why would you make that claim???

    The integrity and honesty of a website directly reflects the credibility of the author.


    PS I know meetings are taped…the “bluff part” was whether you would actually post them.

  10. trollfighter Says:

    Od course the tapes were reviewed. And as a matter of fact, I have them right now,but I have not heard them, since I do not have a cassette player in my proximity. (I have one that’s 120 miles (Yes – I MEANT 120 miles) away, but I’m not there now – I’m staying with a friend .

    So I need a cassette player with an OUT jack, then I need a dubbing cable to transfer it, and then the software – like Cool Edit or Polderbits – to rip it to my hard drive, and convert it from .WAV to MP3 or WMA so I can upload them.

    And I have to go to work now, so I don’t have time to look and see how much extra that might cost, even if I did have the time and money to do these things.

    and I’m rolling on the floor laughing about the “Integrity of a website” remark. If you were even lucid enough to READ Dutson’s blog, you would be able to see – without any more corroborating evidence, that he is openly, brazenly lying.

    He knows that he can do this and get away with it, since he knows that his groupies are basically challenged.

    And this, alas, is a given.

    Please stop trying to bait me. I’m not a Dutson groupie. I’m perfectly sane and intelligent.

  11. Jeff Says:

    Bottom line…Your doing the same thing your accusing Dutson of doing!! LYING. Between the last topic and this one I have uncovered inaccurate statements and lying by you. Not to mention putting up with the rudeness, biligerent tone and sarcasm in most of your responses.

    In the end I’ll let the people who read this site decide where the truth falls. For me, I’ll keep reading, but this thread has played itself out.

    By the way, his challeged groupies must be in high places because the Lewis circus act that both of those people created is no longer prime time. I especially liked the BNAS act…


  12. Sherry Lewis Says:

    Jeff – you most certainly appear to have some sort of vested and sick personal interest in a topic that does not involve you. Tell you what: you give me your full name and telephone number and I will call you…or if you prefer we can meet. I will bring the tapes with me together with a tape player. I do believe that you will be stunned by what you hear…….my number is 841-2400. Put up or shut up time is here, fella.

    For the record, Linda is incapable of lying. She is living here with me now and after a couple of weeks, the brazen attributes and/or liabilities become readily apparent. She is about as dishonest as Mary Poppins and believe me when I tell you that her greatest problems are born of complete transparency. What she is trying to tell you is that MaineWebReport is a bunch of uncorroborated lies…….there is simply no correlation between the story that Dutson tells and the truth. Truth can be highly distorted if taken out of context and time-line, and that is very simply what this troll has done. Have you actually read his blog? Give me one example of a single truth that is in MWR. I challenge you.

    As far as the redevelopment of the Brunswick Naval Air Station, I was asked to do the work and I did it for free. I became part of a bidding firm after the fact, after all my free advice which was readily embraced, because any “permanent” position would be concurrent with the Implementation LRA, not the Planning LRA. I seriously doubt if you understand the difference. The firm I temporarily partnered with did a very bad job on the presentation and the business was awarded to another firm; a firm that has adopted and recommended nearly every tenent of the white paper that I prepared (that Dutson has, but never posted) and has recommended those stated views to the communities impacted by this base closure.

    There was no Lewis “circus”. We were brought down my a medium that we did not understand. My husband had a gag order and could not defend himself and it nearly killed him that he could not defend me. We met Linda nearly by accident and being the type of person that she is, she became outraged when she learned the truth (read: “corroborated truth” based on “evidence”)so here we are.

    I will not enter into an online dialogue with you for I have nothing whatsoever I wish to prove to you. You are meaningless to my meaningful life, and this will be my last online communication. If you do not make contact via phone or email to, I will let Linda and this blog know what a coward you truly are.


  13. Jeff Says:

    Ya right…..Are you kidding me??? The way you treat people you don’t like! (i.e Rudy, The people from Morontown, Dutson, etc.) Coward….no, intelligent….yes.

    No Sherry, you will not be getting a call from me. Everything I have had to say is in writing. It was offered to put the tapes on line, I am holding her to her word. The people can decide where the truth begins and ends.

    As I said before this thread is done for me.

    Have a nice weekend


  14. Sherry Lewis Says:

    A pathetic coward….recoils in the daylight, will not meet face-to-face, makes nice to his keyboard, savors lies and trash blogging.

    Trollfighter, nice try to reason with an individual with a challenged intellect. I guess we have both discovered that it’s impossible.

    What a beautiful day! Dann and I are going sailing!!!

  15. trollfighter Says:

    OK – I have the tapes, and I’ve finally heard them.

    I suppose I might ask young “Jeff” exactly what “Lies” and “inaccurate statements” I have made – (other than the thing about the 747’s) but I assume that this is just another of Jeff’s “Dutsonisms” – phony accusations unbacked by any facts.

    As far as his statement as to why I would claim not to have the technology or the money …ummm…..

    I made that claim since I did not have the technology or the money.

    As a local politician in one of the most economically depressed states in the union, he is disturbingly out of touch wiht his consituents and their financial condition.

    (I guess most local politicos know which side of their bread the buttor gets spread on. Not having the $40-$60 necessary for the hardware and software would never even occur to them.)

    Anyhow–I DL’ed a free trial version of Polderbits, and dug up a dubbing cable from an old tote up north.

    The tapes aren’t very good. They apparently stuck the recorder right in the middle between the moderator and Dutson. (I didn’t convert it all, but McCartin’s voice was not very loud, so the observer’s assessment of the recorder’s placement was not very accurate)

    If you’re listening for the laughter, all you can hear is a general tittering and murmering in the room. And of course, a door slamming.

    The lawyer was absurd. Unless he was actually crazy, we can all assume that he was only posturing. He was making no sense at all.

    I have to go to work soon, but I will try to upload the little bit I was able to convert – hoping that WordPress will take MP3’s.

  16. trollfighter Says:

    OK Jeff_ Here’s the mp3: ………bottom of post.

    [Note to readers. If some of these comments sound kind of crazy, it’s because they are….but things are back under control now.

    ……..I think….. ;-)]

    LOL. One long, very crazy year later. I never answered any of this, because I ended up without internet/computer, etc. for quite a long time.

    I just found these long forgotten comments, and I also found the tapes on which you can plainly hear Dutson’s lawyer getting hot under the collar, and demanding “who decides what is directly related to the matter at hand”…etc etc…Also, some calm people vainly try to get things back to sanity… then you hear a scuffle, a door slamming, and some nervous, tittering laughter.

    And that’s when the talk about ppc actually gets going. (And it’s pretty boring…) Email meif you want it.

    There were several normal (non crazy) people there who saw Dutson’s neck get bright red….but that’s hearsay.

    I just posted it above.

  17. Mary Says:

    Having read some of Lance’s stuff and having read your stuff, it appears to me that it is you who have been doing the ranting. You are obsessed with Lance Dutson for some reason, and to a point of craziness. Based on my reading, I’d give the credibility award to Lance.

  18. trollfighter Says:

    Your opinion.

    [EDIT] You could NOT have read Dutson’s stuff since he has removed it all. If you read it before he removed it, then you must be one of his groupies.**]

    There’s a LOT of reading here. If you DID read it and still sided with Dutson, then we’d logically have to assume that it’s over your head.

    As far as his endless, gratuitous rants, he took them all down once he realized he suddenly had a literate audience.

    Old news now, anyhow. I only leave this stuff here for the sake of his innocent victims, some of whom lost everything because of his lies.

    And….maybe I’ll discourage a few future predatory “Journalists”.

    **Dutson knows well how to use provocative headlines and how to spin the short version to imply something other than the truth. He KNOWS that most folks don’t have time to read everything, and as a Washington DC native living in Maine for awhile. he knows how gullible Mainers are, and how they love a political poolpah.

    If you were sucked in to begin with, you can be forgiven. But you have no right to deny the truth uintil you’ve read the facts. And that takes an effort.

  19. Thomas Walters Says:

    “Water seeks its own level”

    Lance’s wife Janet is sleeping with Perry Gates. The two chair the Camden Downtown Business Group – while they were working in businesses not even in Camden, but Lincolnville and Rockland.

    Perry, the trust-a-farian, failed at selling bottles of Maple syrup in Camden, so he’s got an axe to grind. Mind you the axe is dripping with the blood of sugar maples. He’s using up the remainder of his trust fund from mommy and daddy on his new nutty pancake house in Rockland. Got to love the new-year round businesses in town!

    Guess Perry doesn’t know how to use a calculator, as in: “Gee golly, my rent costs $2,400 a month that is $28,800 a year. So let me see if Nietzsche and my existential dead god will help me sell over 2,400 bottles of syrup in a year.”

    Now Janet who is sleeping with the postmodernism syrup twit… works for Windsor chairmakers in Lincolnville.

    Guess Lance’s lance doesn’t work well.

    Watch out because he’ll be attacking more people once he figures out how he has been cuckold.

    And you know Lance is sitting at home in his batman jammies – with a sippy cup of coffee, plotting his revenge.

  20. trollfighter Says:

    Wow. Peyton Place meets South Park.

    I started to say something “clever” about Janet’s maple magnate, but I think we’ve filled our snark quotient for awhile.

    The sadness here is that WKP truly WAS completely wrong to sue a private citizen for criticizing his government. Once they dropped the suit, Dutson could have counter sued them or even the state of Maine and made a bundle.

    Was it part of the agreement that he would not do this? Or did his ego get the best of him?

    Now he’s lost his meal ticket (Janet) and his mojo.

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